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How to Get More Licks:

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

This spot is so 80′s it will make you want to dress up like Sonny Crockett and work Rubik’s Cubes. But one thing it won’t make you want to do is smoke. This catchy jingle, sung by a raspy-voiced (kind of ironic for anti-smoking spot, no?) Bonnie Tyler type tells us we’re sure to get more kisses, chicks, etc. without a cigarette between our lips. Unless your just naturally a loser, then whether you smoke or not is probably not going to affect your kiss quotent one way or the other. My favorite — or least favorite, I haven’t really decided yet — part of this spot is the random dude who could be Diedrich Bader of ‘Drew Carey Show’ fame wearing a swim mask with a fish inside. Yeah. What was the person smoking that threw that idea out there? Probably crack, it was the 80′s after all.