Your Brain on Drugs

And so begins our mission to keep the valuable lessons 1980s TV taught us alive and well for future generations. Listen to the 80s, kids. This is perhaps the most memorable PSA the decade gave us — not to mention the inspiration for our rad header —  therefore it’s the perfect video to kick off the site: The ol’ frying egg/brain spot. Several variations of this ad were broadcast over the years — most notably Rachael Leigh Cook going nuts with the frying pan in the 90s — and the concept was parodied in pretty much every way possible.

2 Responses to “Your Brain on Drugs”

  1. Lanny Pierri says:

    Come on bro…..I got a full hour to waste so I dont have to talk to these isipid morons I work with….lol. Gimme more meat plz!!

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