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PS80s was designed to preserve the unforgettable characters, melodies and messages of 1980s Public Service Announcements for the generation who was initially placed on the proper path by their life lessons, and for all future generations who have yet to be enlightened. If it were not for TV’s noble efforts to take a 30-second break from shilling the latest must-have toys and tooth-rotting cereals to offer us children of the 80′s these invaluable words of wisdom, we may have all ended up a bunch of obese, jobless, illiterate, alcoholic crack addicts with no regard for the well-being of ourselves, our planet or those around us. Some of us ended up that way anyhow, but it’s not because these PSAs didn’t try, darn it! Through catchy jingles, loveable mascots, gripping drama or just good, old-fashioned scare tactics, TV showed us that it truly cared and made sure we knew right from wrong. To paraphrase one memorable PSA: We learned it by watching you, TV. We learned it by watching you.

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